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People Driven services extended through Software

We are making it possible to have an experience that national & international logistics can be viewed and managed real time. At Portexcel we have successfully done that and we are committed to provide innovative and smooth ways of managing supply chain across the globe.

Managing Supply chain across the globe round the clock requires complex coordination. Currently that is done by telephones, spread sheets, and fax machines. Portexcel provides a web-based application that offers real-time visibility of your shipments And we are not just a software platform; we are team of experienced logistics and customs experts to help at every stage of supply chain management through the usage of software to manage the complexity of international trade with the speed to thought. We are better known as A ONE STOP SHOP for SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT.

The story and concept of PortExcel begins in the year 2015 in the minds of young entrepreneurs. It was experienced that many companies do not want to import or if they import they always have a concern in mind to deal with shipping lines, CFS, CHA, Transporter, insurance people and courier people. They are always worried about the real time cost and have to coordinate all this tedious work through telephones, excel spreadsheets, fax mahines etc.. Portexcel have come with an intelligent dashboard system though which all this tedious works can be handled by single app and offers real time visibility of your shipments. We are just not a software platform, our experienced logistics and customs team provide complete solution in supply chain from material handling to final delivery of goods and our team always assist at every step of the way.

We offer total package based clearing(PBC ), one stop solution provider for complete supply chain, freight forwarding, custom clearance, insurance and courier booking or we can say a entire supply chain solution for international trade under single roof.

Portexcel is the freight forwarder for “Internet Age” and as our name it self says that “an excellent transportation”.

Sneha Choradia

CEO and CoFounder

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Naveen Bohra


Prashant Jain

Chief Legal and Compliance officer


Director – Finance

Prakash Raj

Manager – Customer relations and Accounts

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