Cargo Insurance


Protecting your financial loss during goods movement.

ONE CLICK PEACE OF MIND with cargo insurance services

At Portexcel we understand the security of cargo and as a responsible service provider we offer the best cargo insurance coverage plans to our customers. A lost, damaged or stolen shipment can be a huge hit to a supply chain. Your freight carrier probably is not going to reimburse you for these losses. We have developed a unique product for our all cargo owners by which cargo can be insured with a small amount of premium.

Booking with portexcel means entering a partnership that ensures the safe and speedy transport of your cargo. Our affordable cargo insurance services give you a peace of mind throughout your supply chain. When something goes wrong, you get reimbursed by the insurance company. It is that simple. So now by one click you will get your cargo insured through portexcel. Kindly speak to our representative and logistic expert to start with our unique services.