Customs Clearances


Portexcel’s team make most sophisticated custom clearance processes to a most smooth and easily understandable crystal clear custom clearances complying with the letter and spirit of all relevant regulations and this is possible only with our expertise in the field


Portexcel dashboard board makes clearance process accurate and speedy with the use of state of the art technology.


Portexcel dashboard makes all the processes transparent and more reliable.


The end to end process is managed by veteran custom brokers aided by new technology.

Smart people using smart technology

Clearing a shipment through customs has historically been one of the more complicated and annoying parts of the importing – exporting process. In this process customer had to rely on custom agents. Portexcel has assembled some of the smartest people in the custom industry and created technology to make them a transparent process which can easily be visualised and controlled by dashboard system. Our people exist to help importers and exporters to ensure compliance with all the various laws and regulations while making sure goods arrive to their destination smoothly. When you ship with portexcel you gain a series of competitive advantage that allow you to build a supply chain for the 21st century.