दशकूपसमा वापी दशवापीसमो ह्रदः ।

दशह्रदसमः पुत्रो दशपुत्रसमो द्रुमः ॥


This is the ultimate truth that “One tree is equal to ten sons” means By Saving a tree, we are helping to save ten families.  From the initial stage of Portexcel the first thought was how to save environment and for that the solution came to mind was & is by reducing paper work in shipping & logistics industry, we can create the positive change in this unorganized sector to become Digital friendly industry and helping the environment becoming greener and healthier for all of us. Although we have tried our best to reduce the usage to minimum level but still at many places it is must to use the paper as a document. Our core team members belong to the Thar Desert of India, A place in western India where still people have to walk several kilometers to get drinking water and for kilometers there is no tree and it is complete desert. So from initial stage it was always in our mind that we have to do something innovative to serve our motherland so this kind of desert situations should not increase in future. One day with above mention “Sanskrit sloka” we got this idea to plant a tree after the name of each and every customer who gets registered with our portal. The idea was very innovative and it was welcomed by all the core members as well as, when we have discussed with some village Pramukhs they have also agreed to provide us the land where we can plant a tree and lifelong we can take care of them. Our Motto behind giving customer’s name is that we all should actively come forward to save the environment by putting our sincere efforts in small way which becomes a movement across the nations and also customer will have emotional touch to this movement and at the end of the day he feels proud & satisfied when they see that there part of charges are utilized for good cause of society at large and lifelong that tree will give an identity to them in a desert area. We are also appointed a care taker to give water and other required things for initial 2 years till the sapling becomes self-sustainable.

This is a unique and innovative effort by our team and we request to all our customers and everybody to be a part of this movement to create a beautiful greener world by planting millions of trees. Whether it is a birthday or anniversary or any other great occasions, planting a tree is the best gift to our motherland and to this world. In-fact this is the best way to honor someone or celebrate an occasion i.e. by gifting a tree plantation in his/her name.

A living and breathing gift that lives for several decades and significantly benefits the planet. An inspiration for others to do the same.